Made in Canada

Why Choose a Canadian Web Host?

Make Your Website Faster

First of all, if your website is targeting Canadian visitors, you want to make it as fast as possible for them. When you host your website on a server located in Canada, it improves the page load time of your site. A faster website means a better user experience. And a faster website means less cart abandonment and more sales.

Get Better Rankings in Search Results

Geolocation is a significant ranking factor when it comes to local and regional business. Choosing a web host located in Canada should be part of your SEO strategy to gain more traffic from search engines. A website hosted in Canada has better chances to rank well than a site hosted in the United States.

Be Subject to Canadian Laws Only

When you host your website in another country, your data is subject to their laws. In the United States, he Patriot Act allows the federal government to look at any data at any given time, for any reason. Although some foreign governments have agreements to access data located in Canada, it's less likely to happen if you choose a Canadian hosting company.

Save Money

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